Benefits of Computer Use for Kids and Teens

Computer curriculum can be used through developmentally appropriate software for learners to gain the knowledge required in computer technologies. Children who are exposed to computing technologies as compared to children who are not exposed have
significantly greater developmental gains such as:

  • Enhanced memory skills
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Structured knowledge
  • Increased creativity
  • Overall academic success

Target Group

The target groups are school going youngsters between the ages of 6 years and 18 years. Their level of exposure will depend on their age and comprehension abilities. The outreach in this case is parents or guardians of school going youngsters who ultimately
hold the power to allow their youngsters to take part in after school academy programs. The marketing strategy plan suggests taking part in gatherings such as parent teacher association meetings (PTA) to sell products and services. This will include conducting
surveys of the exposure of computers to children and therefore depict the need for the essential global knowledge. The outreach will be wide amongst government owned schools and private institutions of learning at affordable pricings of subject modules
Market demand is expected to grow significantly as the need for ICT knowledge is recognized and appreciated by society.

Competitive Comparison

There are existing structures that offer computing education to youngsters but at present demand and need exceed the structure and resources. So, no effective competition is challenging the established structures. As a new entity we intend to tap into the gap that
is created by the ever growing need of learning.